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Paleo // what I eat in a week: week 1 pt 2/ breakfast

sharing is caring…The rest of the week I indulged in some more bacon Thursday 21st sweet cauliflower porridge with bacon Porridge: 1 grated cauliflower + 2 grated apples + 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice + 1 stick of cinnamon + 1 can of coconut cream + 4 dried figs (cut in pieces) optional: tablespoon of…

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Paleo // what I eat in a week: week 1 pt 1/ breakfast

sharing is caring…People often ask me ‘so what DO you eat?’. I personally find this a bit of an annoying question. My level of annoyance will vary based upon the tone people use when asking it. Sometimes the person asking me is trying to imply there’s nothing left for me to eat and the paleo diet is just…

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sharing is caring…Remember being 10 years old,  feeling all hip in your newly purchased denim ? Fast forward to two weeks and a growth spurt later: hello ankle swingers! That old pair of blue jeans that made you feel like a Full House family member quickly turned around on you and now has you feeling…

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5 things I enjoyed watching this week

sharing is caring… Bjork- television talk 1988 The Empowerment Plan The Junky’s Christmas by William S Burroughs Oshua Aiken- For George Stinney Materialism and Consumerism During Christmas, Gene Halton   Enjoy! Kim                   sharing is caring…Follow

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Things I enjoyed reading this week

sharing is caring…   The dream of a ridiculous man by Fyodor Dostoyevsky A change is gonna come. The great civil rights song turns 50 – the political made personal, and heartbreak transmuted into fiery action by Manjula Martin One of Us by John Fante Romantic tiny forest home built in 6 weeks for $4,000…


Pan-baked christmas cookies

sharing is caring…My oven is broken, again. Same thing happened about 3 or 4 months ago. I took it back to the store. The funny thing is, they come and fix appliances at home if they weigh 30 kg or over, the oven weighs 29,5 kg. It was fixed 2 weeks later, worked for about…


Roasted pepper and tuna salad

sharing is caring…As promised, more roasted bell pepper recipes will follow. first in line is a light lunch salad. I’m still trying to mix my 6 flavors to see if this benefits me in the long run ( as discussed in the 6 flavor lamb chop recipe, ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine argue that combining…


Yuca mash with Brussel sprouts and Berkshire pork chops

sharing is caring… Yuca is my latest obsession, from fries to bread to this slightly sweet and gooey mash with caramelised Brussel sprouts and incredibly juicy pork chops. So there’s a lot more yuca recipes to follow. But for this recipe I want to focus on something else, the pork chops. Why am I being…


Veal hearts with cranberry sauce and leek mash

sharing is caring… Most people will wrinkle their nose at the thought of organ meat, however the nutritional value is  superior to the (nowadays) more desired cuts. When wolves kill their prey they go for the offals before eating the rest of the carcass, the Inuit consider liver a choice cut ( except for polar…